History of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj

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History of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj

        Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is an image of Buddha which is well known among Thai Buddhists and Foreigners. The Reason for this is that it is the most beautiful and prestigious image of Buddha. It is the highest class of sculpture in Buddhistic Arts. The artisans who built the images are believed to have an original imagination without imitation from anywhere else.            Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is a Buddha image that belongs to the Sukhothai Art and is made of bronze. The gesture is Marn Vichai with a lap of 2.85 meters wide (equals the length of Thai measurement system: 5 human’s elbows 1 double finger and  5 fingers) and 3.72 meters high (equals the length of Thai measurement system: 7 human’s elbows and 1 double finger) sitting on a concrete base ornamented with patterns of upside up and down lotuses. According to the Northern history text concerning the casting of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj image, Phra Buddha Chinnasi image, and Phra Sri Sardsada image, it is stated that “in the year 957 (B.E. 1500) and some texts stated the year to be 1357 (B.E. 1900) Phra Chao Sri Dhamma Tri Pidok or Pra Maha Dhamma Raja Li Thai, after the completion of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, commanded 5 renowned Brahmans: named Ba Indra, Ba Brahm, Ba Phissanu, Ba Raja Singh, and Ba Raja Kusol including artisans from Sri Sachanarai, Sawankhalok, Chiang Saen and Hari Phun Chai  to cast 3 Buddha images as the Principal images of the Viharn: Phra Buddha Chinnaraj, Phra Buddha Chinnasi, and Phra Sri Sardsada.
        Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is decorated with glass and teak composition carved and painted with color and gilded with gold leaves.  The composition is exquisite with craftsmanship and enhances the beauty of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj. It is assumed that the composition was built in the early years of Ayudthaya Period. Nowadays, Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is established in a Viharn of Wat Prasriratatna Mahathat Worawiharn. The image is recognized as beautiful and sacred. It is widely worshipped by Buddhists.
         Many Thai People consider the Phra Buddha Chinnarat to be the Most beautiful Buddha portrait in Thailand. It depicts Buddha in the posture of overcoming Mara also called Mara submission.                    A Stone inscription indicated that he was molded over 700 years ago by a King Mahathamaracha Lithai of Sukhothai dynasty. Several faithful copies of the Phra Buddha Chinnarat are displayed in other temples, including Wat Benchamabophit in Bangkok and Wat Saranat Thammaram in Rayong. Also, the Phra Buddha Chinnarat is depicted on the official seal of the Phitsanulok Province.  And Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat Woramahawihan is a Buddhist temple (Wat) in Phitsanulok, Thailand, where it is located on the bank of the Nan River near the Naresuan Bridge.      *** Want to See More Unique Amulets ==>> www.StuffOnline.Ecrater.com


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